Saturday, October 7, 2017

Wildlife Prairie Park

Found this blog post in the draft pile. I'm not sure why we never posted, but here it is...

We took a little weekend trip in August to Wildlife Prairie Park in Hanna City, IL with a stop in Rockford. Well, and a surprise stay in Peoria. We'll get to that.

We left Friday and stayed at a hotel in Rockford, so the boys could go swimming. They really love when we do this and are both getting very good at swimming. We then swam in the morning and went to the Wildlife Prairie's a State Park in Illinois that has animals and hiking and stuff.

We got to the park and did a train ride and some walking around. It was a bit disappointing. They don't have a lot of animals and not a ton to do. Their butterfly house had literally one butterfly. To be fair, I think people do a lot of hiking and walking around and we brought a pregnant lady.

I thought a really cool part of the trip would be staying overnight in a caboose. Sadly, the caboose wasn't quite up to Kristin standards, so after some park fun we went to a Target to get some sheets and a fan. Upon returning to the caboose, it was too hot and Kristin decided she needed to go into town and stay in a hotel. Henry then got sad and convinced us all to keep the family together, so we packed up, left the caboose and headed to Peoria to get a hotel room.

We did go back to park the next day, but didn't do much. The boys really just wanted to go to the hotel and swim, so that's what we did.

My Instagram joke:  "16 miles my foot. He's right here." I suppose I could be funnier. 

Boys called this place Frog Paradise. I really have never seen so many frogs. It was crazy.

My joke on Instagram (stolen from Braveheart):  "Looks like their mom has been telling stories about me again."


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Brewers game

It's been awhile, but we made it back to Miller Park to see the Brewers beat the Reds. We went with Steve and his kiddos, so we were outnumbered, but the kids behaved pretty well. And I think if you combined all of our viewing experience, we maybe watched an inning of baseball.

So I am trying to get the boys to blog, primarily so I don't have to, but there are probably some educational benefits for them too so that's nice. Below are there comments about the day. Not totally verbatim, but pretty close.

Cole:  When we got into the stadium, instead of a bobble head we got a Bob Uecker magic 8-ball. We then went to our seats and ate Skittles and licorice, and the people behind us gave us a bag of cotton candy (well, half a bag really). We then got to eat our ice cream before our hot dog. Charlie and I called our walking group the Peanut Bros. We called ourselves that because we ate so many peanuts. After that we went down to the first floor and got in line to run the bases after the game.

We also played Pokemon Go on the way to the stadium and then we played a little in the parking lot, but we couldn't catch any Pokemon because we used up all of our Pokeballs.

Henry:  Before the game, we grilled hot dogs in a small grill in the parking lot. Then we played bean bags for a bit. After the game, we went to a park. The park surface was sand, which Dad HATED.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mackinac Island, 2017

We took a road trip to Mackinac Island. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures, of course (scroll down). The trip was awesome and I wouldn't be surprised if we find our way back. A few kid meltdowns, but overall everything went well and we made a butt load of memories.

I think we all agreed that the top activities included bike riding and mini golf. The boys ranked swimming really high. The resort we stayed at has a huge lawn area that Kristin and I really liked. Plus there was a lot of eating out and fudge.

The boys are at a great age and were really fun to hang out with. It was a long drive up but the promise of a ferry ride to the island kept them happy.

A couple videos from the trip are at the bottom of the blog. They show some of their impressive flips into the pool and how crazy they got in the car.

First night at roadside hotel on way to island

Ferry ride across

Butterfly and insect museum

Boys were obsessed with the fitness center at the hotel



Throwing up gang signs on way out of town

Stormy ride back to mainland. Empty fudge bag for barfing if necessary

Soaked after waiting for ferry! Hen was a little over zealous in getting naked and strapped in his car seat. We did let them wear dry clothes home.

How do you not stop and get the World's Best Burger.