Thursday, June 22, 2017

Back with the rents

Our bathroom is/was being remodeled (it's almost done), so we stayed at the Great's condo for awhile. We pretty much had our own suite down in the basement. Although, the boys slept in many different places. We've had them on one couch, separate couches, an air mattress (in different locations) and in an upstairs bedroom. Henry often ended up in our bed, which is 2 sizes smaller than our normal bed, so it gets pretty cramped. Although, Bella was at the Normal's, so that was nice.

Grandpa sang potty word versions of Puff the Magic Dragon(?), so that didn't help sleeping much.

Oh yeah, they tried the floor for a bit too. Not much luck though.

They quickly found a way to enjoy their new shower. Funniest part was when the door finally opened and they fell out.

We had our first fishing trip followed by dinner at Asianas. A pretty awesome Sunday, although fishing was pretty rough. Cold, windy and we didn't catch much. The boys were awesome though and still wanted to stay out the whole day. Very impressive. (Thanks again Ryan!)

Ryan taught them how to use the trolling motor. Funny, since I never get to use the trolling motor. 

That looks like a kid who may take up fishing in the long haul. Sadly, I saw a bass there, but just ended up picking up this northern. Still always cool to catch a fish though.

This boat is a little faster than the pontoon. Doesn't seat 4 quite as easily though. 

Even happy with a weed bass. 

We forgot to tell the boys how to make this stop, so Hen finally just closed his mouth. 

End of year scouting event. Henry came along, since he will be joining next year.

And other random photos for your enjoyment.

I think I might be sick of the dabbing. Also with no dressers at Grandma and Grandpa's the boys often got their clothes mixed up - thus Cole obviously wearing Henry's pants.

After complaining about these skinny jeans, I found a new pair of jeans that Kristin bought for Cole labeled "Super Skinny." Super Skinny fit should not be a thing, unless you're a Ken doll maybe. 

School Pics (really just Henry at Green Meadows Farm)

I think someone may have a crush on Henry. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Phone pic dump

Phone pics...

Henry and Zoey went on a date to Baker's Square. I would never take Kristin somewhere so fancy. 

We got the "motorcycle" all cleaned up and ready to go, but after a couple test rides I think it needs a new battery. 

Relaxi Taxi.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2017 River Rats Camp

Cole and I had our first Scout camp trip last weekend. It was COLD! It got down to 34 degrees. Cole had to crawl into my sleeping bag to stay warm. Besides it being a bit chilly for sleeping in a tent outside, the camp was fun. Cole was just one of two Tigers attending from his Den, but he stayed up until 10:00 p.m. both nights with the older kids playing Ghosts in the Graveyard.

Before getting to the camp pics, I guess I have to share that we did horrible in the Pinewood Derby. Below is the participation medal. Yuck. I already have plans for next year though.

Cole did much better in the regatta race with his Den. He came in third and tied for best looking boat.

2017 River Rats Camp pics:

We stopped at Subway for dinner. The bathroom here smelled as bad as the camp latrine, which smelled very bad. 

We made it! Granted it was only an hour drive.

Cole instantly went in the woods and left me to set up the tent and unpack. 

Our nice little setup. 

S'mores both nights. 

Disc golf was Cole's favorite.

Cole struggled a bit on the BB guns, but we can have Normal Grandpa work on that. 

Human foosball was pretty cool, except two kids got a soccer ball in the junk at close range. They cried. Nastiest nut shots I've seen in awhile. 

Dodgeball! Cole was the last one standing at one point. Probably because he stands far back and about a quarter mile off to the side. 

Cole mad at me for taking a picture. 

Cole on color guard duty. The Scouts do a lot of flag ceremonies. 

Two hoodies helped Cole survive the cold night.

Team Tiger