Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas is here

The Christmas celebrations have begun. St. Nick came. There were certainly doubts from both the boys and Mom and Dad. Cole and Henry actually got letters from Santa recently that said they were on the Nice List and Cole said, "I can't believe it."

The St. Nick showing seemed a little weak this year though. I feel like their St. Nick is usually more like how I remember my Christmases. They didn't seem to notice though. 

We also tried to get on the Polar Express again this year, but tickets were sold out. So instead of just looking at that as a nice savings, we decided to start a new tradition of Limo and Lights (with the Heerey's). We rented a limo and drove around to the MillerCoors light show, Candy Cane Lane and Country Springs Christmas. We also stopped for dinner at Baker's Square. Surprisingly we were the only limo there. I think next year maybe we expand it to more families and just go for the party bus.

Dressed and ready to go.

The kids seemed to like the limo best

Cole had a Christmas singing thing at Barnes and Noble

If you couldn't find him.

We played in the snow, built a fire, drank some hot chocolate and watched a couple Christmas times standing up.

We also went to Breakfast with Santa at Motor (the Harley Davidson museum restaurant).

And there was this. Not a holiday celebration, but awesome. Watch the video (also at bottom of the blog if this doesn't work).

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thanksgiving and Birthdays

The Fuchs family had a lovely Thanksgiving. We played a little Turkey Bowl with the neighbors, ate a bunch of food, watched some football...pretty typical and a lot of fun. I can't say it was all that special for the twins. It was their first, but they also just drank formula like any other day. Maybe we should have liquefied some turkey and mashed potatoes for them.

We also had a couple birthdays. Kristin turned 38 and Cole turned 8. To be honest, both bdays bothered me a bit. My wife is 38. I never planned on having that when I was younger. And Cole being 8...holy shit. That makes me feel so old. And then you look at him and realize he really is already a big boy/little man. Next thing you know he won't like me, he'll start driving, and soon enough will have a 38 year old lady of his own.  

Below are Tday and Bday pics as well as some randos. 


I'd hate to be this close to my brother. No offense Jer. 

We squeezed in a morning birthday celebration before school. Just too exciting to wait. 

Cole was very happy with his haul.

First present Cole went to after opening everything was a subtraction math book. I wonder whose kid this really is because he can't be ours. 

Kristin unknowingly used trick candles. Caught us all off guard.
In the evening we had a second bday celebration with cake.

Cole had his friend party at Skateland. I think we were at the same table I had for my birthday party back in the day. Cole decided to just go with boys for this one, but still had a good number of kids. I think everyone had fun.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Identical my foot

We were very nervous to take the hospital bands off the twins in fear of later mixing them up, but it turns out they are not identical. Medically speaking (chromosomal-ly speaking?), I am wrong and they are in fact identical. However, they don't look identical, smell identical or act identical, so...I say they are not identical. I'd say they are very similar twins.

With that said, we are getting back into having babies around. Like most parents, as evidenced by people having multiple children, we blocked out much of our previous baby experience. Or at least I have. Kristin has a pretty good memory and even claims to remember her own babyhood, which is BS.

Anyway, the joys of having a baby are back (times 2). I just love not sleeping, listening to crying, being barfed on and occasionally getting an up close and personal view of the pee/poo concoction as it comes right out of their ass. Oh the joys!

And lets not forget Cole and Henry. We are training them and they're pretty good, but Mr. Yellie (as my screaming Dad alter ego is called) still has to make an appearance once in awhile.

That should be good on complaints for today. Below are random pics. I have a bunch that I never got around to posting so some are old.

Obviously old pic. For the record though, the year before I had the second biggest bass (Ugh. I suck. Sorry Ryan.). 

Looks like someone officially became a man. 

We found quite a lot of litter picking up at the soccer park. 

This looks old. No idea where it came from, but I had it saved in my blog pic folder.