Sunday, July 1, 2018

Fuchs Family Photos

Found a draft blog we never finished, so I guess I'll just post it. Life is busy.   

I'm still surprised with the wildlife in Elm Grove. Not only deer, but we have a family of foxes as well. 

We went on a hike.

Easter egg hunt. They had a lot of these. This was at the Frank's. Thanks Frank's. 


We do puzzles now. So that's something.

Note the message on the wall. Didn't notice that until later.

Nice try Henry.

This happens every once in awhile when Kristin cooks. She's getting better though. 

Kristin surprised the boys and showed up to school with the twins. It sounded like all the kids were pretty excited.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Gus & Louis 6ish Month Report

I feel like we need a Gus and Louis how are Gus and Louis doing? Well, they are eating and growing at a good rate. They've started eating mushy foods, which is messy and time consuming. They have to be a couple of the happiest babies around. They smile a ton and think everything is funny. I feel like they realize we just don't have the time for whiny babies that need a lot of attention.

Both boys have rolled over (back to front). I think they are on the verge of crawling.

Gus is super chill. He's still a little fatter than Louie, but Louie is catching up and is a little longer.

Louie loves to kick. His little legs are always pumping. I think this is a result of him having to kick his way into this world feet first. Man, that was crazy to see.

We don't venture out much with the twins, but hopefully that will change with the nicer weather.

And now the pics...

River Rats 2018

The boys and I did another Scouts River Rats camping trip. Fun and very tiring weekend. Archery, BB guns, wrist rockets and about 30 flag ceremonies. As Forrest Gump would say, and that's all I have to say about that.


Never thought I would be this guy. Oh man that shirt.