Tuesday, February 13, 2018

First post of 2018

First post of 2018...and it's February. The blog is not off to a good start. There are of course a ton of pictures below, but I guess a family update and life with twins narrative should be given. Why? I'm not sure, but here we go.

Our big family excitement is that the basement remodel and mud room are complete. We are still organizing, but there are no contractors coming over, which is nice (no offense to them). We now have a place for The Bigs to go and hang out and be wild little boys and we have also moved from one bathroom to three. That's obviously a nice improvement and makes things easier when you don't have to plan and coordinate every shit and shower.

Life with twins...Well, one happens to be crying right now. It has actually not been as rough as I imagined. The Littles are not very fussy. They whine and cry for awhile after their last bottle around 8:00, but otherwise just eat, sleep, shit and piss. Classic baby stuff. I also think Kristin and I are pretty hardened in after Cole and Henry. I remember, and there is probably a very old blog post about, struggling to let Cole cry it out when trying to get him to nap. I can let Gus and Louie go on for ages. Doesn't bother me a bit.

The most difficult part is probably not getting out much. The twins don't get much natural light. It's just to hard, or I'm to lazy, to get everyone bundled up and in car seats, etc. There is no where worth going when considering the hassle of getting two babies ready for the Wisconsin winter. And if you're talking all four boys, forget it. Definitely not worth it.

The final thing I'll mention is just how great Cole and Henry are to The Littles. They love being big bros and are very sweet and affectionate to Gus and Louis. Not to take anything away from Cole, but I'm almost worried Henry is going to eat one. He is over the top in his love and affection.

If you can get manage to read through the bad grammar and spelling, it looks like Henry is one of the sweetest boys around. [My New Year resolution is to be gentler to the earth, to remember the birth of Louis Robert Fuchs and Gus Francis Fuchs, donate more toys, to help my Mom with the feeding. Good luck me.] 

Bath time fun...

Bath time not so fun.

Boys had a Monday off, so I was home with all four, which meant indoor tent action, movies and lots of snacks. 

I think I went a bit overboard on the snacks. 

I went on a field trip with Hen. He actually had fun and loved skating. Not sure why he looks so miserable here. 

Nice outfit boys. Long sleeves under short sleeves. Like father like sons. 


Skins vs. skins?

These guys still love sharing a recliner. 

Someone came across an old photo of Kristin and I. Perhaps this can be a new blog feature. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Final Post of 2017

I was off work a lot and we celebrated Christmas and New Years, so there are a lot of pictures to share. Probably not anything all that exciting, but we've kept busy over the holidays. Lots of house stuff going on and taking care of the Littles with the Bigs at home isn't exactly easy. We watched a lot of Christmas movies and gave the boys some extra screen time to get by. Luckily school is back in session. 

December 13th 
The Littles got a bath and the Bigs got haircuts...I know, I probably shouldn't lead with the most exciting pictures, but I'm working chronologically here. Also, not their first bath. Just a bath that was documented.

I feel it's mandatory to take a sexy bath pic. This is Gus. I have a Louie pic as well somewhere, but why post both. It looks like this one, but less grumpy. 

December 16th
We finally got around to getting a Christmas tree. Sadly, I packed up our Christmas tree stand and Christmas decorations in our storage unit and can't get at them, so we had to run out and buy a new stand and ornaments. Double the fun next year I guess. In my defense, the house work was supposed to be done December 4th. (Update, they are still not done and it's January 3, 2018!).

Cole and Henry felt quite strong that they could lift a tree. Since we had limited ornaments, the boys made paper snowflakes to put on the tree and then Kristin worked some of her magic with bows and ribbon and shit.

This kid is getting pretty tall. Although, he is actually one of the shortest in his class. And he told me today he is probably the skinniest in his class. Maybe even in the whole school. Whatever. Shut up you skinny little punk.

December 17th
This was a pretty big day. First, we had brunch at the Hansen's where Santa showed up and handed out some early Christmas presents to all the kids. Always an awesome spread of food here.

Then we had a Pack 156 Cub Scout event at Adventure Rock. Some adults participated in the climbing, but I declined. I figured the mix of a little extra Winter weight, my older age and my hatred of heights could result in a pretty embarrassing situation the boys would never live down. For years they'd have to listen to other kids saying, "Remember when they had to rescue your Dad at Adventure Rock because he couldn't get down and crapped his pants." Hopefully I wouldn't poop, but you never know.

I think the boys have my love of heights. Henry never made it far up the wall and Cole would come close to the top, but then would jump down never quite making it. Although, that didn't stop him from declaring that he made it to the top again. I never saw it.

Lots of kiddos nowadays. I feel like I could maybe name half.

December 19th
Kristin got the Littles tank top onesies. She thinks they're pretty cool.

December 20th
Cole had a holiday concert thing at school. He participated in the singing and played some instruments. Not bad. If anyone from the school reads this, it was kinda long. Just saying.

Both boys are great big brothers. Henry is super into it. He is constantly loving and poking at them.

December 23rd
Henry made a funny robot. (Sorry Cole. You made something too, but I didn't download the picture for this blog).

Henry sleeps funny. It may be time for a bigger bed.

December 24th - Christmas Eve!
As usual, we went to the Great's for Christmas Eve. I think we all had fun and ate way to much.

Then Kristin and I, I mean Santa, setup for the big day.

Obviously I got to pick out the Christmas Eve outfits this year. Cole's shirt says "Dabbing in the snow" which is perfect for him.

The setup.

December 25th - Christmas!!!
The boys were so excited and I think they were happy with the presents, although Cole did mention he didn't get anything on his list. Oops. I guess we'll have to pay closer attention to those lists next year.

The big gift was Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8. I'm also excited about this one and I'm still pretty awesome at Mario Kart, so that's cool.

After the morning presents and breakfast, we went to the Normal's. Uncle Ben and Aunt Kim were in town, so it was great seeing them as well as the rest of the family.

Not sure how this happened. 

Yay, Christmas. 

Just 2 Aunts and 2 babies taking a snooze

December 26th
5:00 a.m. feeding gone wrong. One shits all over and the other barfs.

Gus on the left and Louie on the right, if it matters or you were wondering. Or can we all tell now.

December 30th
With the basement and rear entry nearing completion, it is time to get organized, which obviously means a trip to Ikea. Sadly, we now pass the not yet finished Ikea in Oak Creek, but we just can't wait until Summer. I think we found some great Lego, art and toy storage. So great, that after we got home and put some together, we decided we needed more and Kristin and Cole drove back to Ikea that night. They didn't return until about 10:30 p.m. Two Ikea trips in one night seems excessive, but then Kristin went back for a third trip the next day. Yep, now that's crazy. And poor planning.

It sounds like Kristin and Cole had a fun journey together. Although, I wasn't thrilled to get a voice text from Cole telling me that he had a pee emergency and had to go in my cup. Yep, the water bottle I use on a daily basis at work got peed in. Not cool you two.

The boys liked eating over the highway at the Oasis.

Amazingly, I managed to put together about 10 or 11 Ikea items with no breaks. Not bad. Cole and Hen helped a little. 

December 31st - New Years Eve!
It was a toned down New Years Eve celebration. We did get some hats and beads just to be festive. We also got some good snacks and bottles of sparkling apple juice. Although, after these pictures of the boys I had to double check that it was in fact alcohol free. They look a little drunk to me.

I think this is Gus and below is Louis. I can't say I'd bet on it though. 

It seems heartless not to document a formal 2017 goodbye to Bella here. Being the wonderful dog parents we are/were we don't even have a current photo to post (but I found a few older ones). Goodbye Bella, while we won't miss everything about you, you were loved and a good girl.

And that's that for 2017.
We asked the boys for some of their favorite moments of the year and the Mackinac Island trip seemed to be number one...until we all remembered the birth of the twins of course.