Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mackinac Island, 2017

We took a road trip to Mackinac Island. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures, of course (scroll down). The trip was awesome and I wouldn't be surprised if we find our way back. A few kid meltdowns, but overall everything went well and we made a butt load of memories.

I think we all agreed that the top activities included bike riding and mini golf. The boys ranked swimming really high. The resort we stayed at has a huge lawn area that Kristin and I really liked. Plus there was a lot of eating out and fudge.

The boys are at a great age and were really fun to hang out with. It was a long drive up but the promise of a ferry ride to the island kept them happy.

A couple videos from the trip are at the bottom of the blog. They show some of their impressive flips into the pool and how crazy they got in the car.

First night at roadside hotel on way to island

Ferry ride across

Butterfly and insect museum

Boys were obsessed with the fitness center at the hotel



Throwing up gang signs on way out of town

Stormy ride back to mainland. Empty fudge bag for barfing if necessary

Soaked after waiting for ferry! Hen was a little over zealous in getting naked and strapped in his car seat. We did let them wear dry clothes home.

How do you not stop and get the World's Best Burger. 

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